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Top 10 Metal Detecting Finds! Gold & Silver Rings! & So Much More! HalfDolla' MakeYouHolla'
8 months back
My best metal detecting finds all in 1 video! Gold, Silver, jewelry and more!
My best finds from my first year metal detecting I DIG HISTORY
2 years back
It has been a wonderful journey this first year. Here is what I found. Thanks for coming along!
A Look Back at 2018 | Best Metal Detecting Finds & Outtakes Green Mountain Metal Detecting
5 months back
A summary of the adventures, best finds, and bloopers of GMMD's 2018. Tshirts, stickers & more: Original music by Brad Martin.
I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner) DALLMYD
1 months back
In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you want to see ...
Metal Detecting Finds Lost Treasure 2000 Years Old. Best Metal Detecting Find of my Life! DrTones24k
4 years back
2018 metal detecting beaches parks AMAZING FINDS Darren Barnes
1 years back
Hey guys Its been a whilst since we have released footage. So here i am again with over 3 months over of new footage. Beach hunts Water hunts Night hunts ...
10 Greatest Metal Detecting Finds of All Time [DAILY PINK SLIP]
4 years back
From a giant boot-shaped gold nugget to half a billion dollars worth of Spanish treasure, we're counting down the 10 greatest metal detecting finds of all time.
5 years back
Metal detecting in the U.K, a few of my favorite moments and finds,which include Bronze Age , Roman and Saxon objects.
Found treasure chest while metal detecting! Metaldetecting in The Netherlands
3 years back
While metal detecting in the woods i found this treasure chest hidden in the ground.
MOST AMAZING Discoveries With A Metal Detector! American Eye
1 years back
From massive ancient tombs to unbelievable coin discveries, here are most amazing discoveries with a metal detector. Subscribe to American Eye ...
Metaldetecting in Germany. Best find ever! Iron Mike Metaldetecting
3 years back
Join us in our search for WW2 relics in the German forests. We had a long and exhausting day detecting but it was worth every drop of sweat. In this video (which ...
Gold At River Banks! MetalDetecting24
2 years back
A small metal detecting miracle at the river, considering the difficult conditions. My XP Deus Setup:
Metal detecting UNDERWATER ...My last year's BEST FINDS: GOOOOLD! Goldendives
2 years back
I made a little collage of the best dives of MY last year's finds. I was just learning how to use the camera so there were few videos of Gold discoveries.
G-G-GOLD! - Metal Detecting a 200 Year Old House Finds the Ultimate Prize! Quarter Hoarder
3 weeks back
Okay, the thumbnail is a little over the top but when you've been metal detecting as many old houses as we do I'll tell you that gold is really REALLY hard to find.
Beach Metal Detecting 2018 BEST BEACH FINDS!! NH beach metaldetecting
6 months back
metal detecting new Hampshire and Maine ocean beaches with metal detectors finding lost gold and silver rings and coins 2018 year end wrap up beach metal ...
Top 10 WORST Metal Detecting Finds JD's Variety Channel
2 years back
Top 10 list of my worst metal detecting finds. Is it trash or treasure? You decide. My massive library of YouTube videos is now compiled into the playlist below!
5 Terrifying Things Found by Metal Detectors Deburke321
1 years back
Subscribe For Future Videos: Hit That Like Button If You Enjoyed! :D ▻ Instagram: Deburke321 ▻ My Twitter: ...
Most AMAZING Discoveries With A Metal Detector! Origins Explained
1 years back
Check out the most amazing discoveries with a metal detector! This top 10 list features some of the most unique, valuable and mysterious ancient treasures ...
Best Finds Metal Detecting 2018 Treasure Video The Hoover Boys
4 months back
2018 Wrap-up! We lay out all of our finds from the year. It was a year full of Treasure. Big Coppers, Huge Silvers, Gold Coin and Amazing Relics! Thank you all ...
Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting (2019) Addictedtobleeps
4 years back
THE beginners guide to metal detecting. This video is jam-packed with tips to get you well on your way to being involved with this great hobby! Please note, this ...
Top 10 Metal Detecting Finds Of All Time The Mind Mechanic
2 years back
10 Metal Detector Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind Whats up guys hope ya like the video trying to get more videos done im just so busy with work ...
Top 10 Treasure Hunting Finds | Metal Detecting for Coins & Relics Relic Recoverist
9 months back
I decided to revisit my top ten favorite metal detecting finds to date. Here's the countdown. Relic Recoverist Merch: Metal Detecting ...
BEST BEACH METAL DETECTING FINDS 2015 NH beach metaldetecting
3 years back
top finds beach metal detecting 2015 year end review of lost treasure and jewelry gold and silver found on ocean beaches with metal detectors Detector used ...
Metal Detecting Underwater for Buried Treasure While Scuba Diving! (Found Money & Diamonds) DALLMYD
1 months back
In this video I metal detect underwater for lost jewelry and money! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you ...
Metal Detecting Underwater for Lost $27,000 Ring! (Scuba Diving) | DALLMYD DALLMYD
2 years back
In this video I metal detect underwater for a lost $27000 ring! New? SUBSCRIBE and help me reach 4000000 subscribers! Watch More ...
Top 10 Metal Detecting Finds of All Time Saving History ™ with SCdigger
4 years back
The Top 10 metal detecting finds caught on the Saving History cameras over the last ten years! The following products qualify for ...
Metal Detecting Finds HUGE Treasure Spill at an OLD House! Old Coins Everywhere! Amazing Hunt Down South Detecting
2 months back
In this video I return to the best yard I have ever hunted in my life and it gives up more treasure! Jim digs a massive silver spill in the yard, bringing it up to a total ...
2 years back
wow ! In this video : only the best ! METAL DETECTING VIDEO BEST FINDS / JUNE 2 RINGS : - STEEL / CARBON and... a little treasure ... 22 K GOLD RING ...
best metal detecting finds of a lifetime | garrett at max metal detector TreasureMtnDetectors
2 weeks back
best metal detecting finds ever | garrett at max treasure hunter ed huffman the owner / ceo of treasure mountain metal detectors has an epic day of metal ...
CRAZY!! Party Beach Underwater Metal Detecting HUGE Treasure & Cash Finds Michael Oliver
3 days back
G,Day Guys NEW? SUBSCRIBE Today I take you all to a Crazy Beach Party location and check out that AWESOME Ring we Found ...
MOST AMAZING Metal Detecting Hunt We’ve Ever Seen! UNBELIEVABLE Finds!! The Hoover Boys
4 months back
Multiple Inconceivable Finds!! We take the guys to an early colonial farm for a little metal detecting fun. Our passion is early Saving American History. It doesn't ...
Metal Detecting Tudor GOLD and Silver Hammered River Thames Mudlarking 1 Metal Detecting River Thames
5 years back
A day of Mudlarking in London. Very productive day with some nice finds. No detector was used at all. I have made all of the finds eyes only :)
My Best Metal Detecting Finds Ever Compilation!!! Relic Hunting Florida
3 years back
With The Tropical Storm coming in i will be stuck indoors for a few days. Here is a compilation of my best digs metal detecting. Gold, Silver, Coins, Relics ...
Metal Detecting Finds INCREDIBLE Gold & Silver Coins! The Hoover Boys
2 months back
Bada Bing! High stakes Metal Detecting for gold and silver coins. The day started off with a bang and ended with a bang. We found some Incredible silver coins ...
Metal Detecting Finds Gold | 2000 Years Old | Find of a Lifetime! Adventures In Dirt
3 weeks back
Metal detecting finds gold coin that is 2000 years old. A Celtic gold stater was found and featured along with many other awesome metal detecting finds and was ...
My Best Metal Detecting find EVER Part 2 of 2 - THE REVEAL - Diamond Ring? HiddenTreasureHunter
6 years back
THE REVEAL!! MY BEST METAL DETECTING FIND EVER!!!!!! Part 2 of 2 Well, turns out that after two different jewelry stores looked at my metal detecting ring ...
The MOST Unique Thing Found while Metal Detecting!!! EVER !! Detecting Veteran
3 years back
Here I was metal detecting with my Teknetics G2 through the summer at Ontario beach. Jump to 11:27 to only see the Most Unique Find, how ever you will miss ...
LUCKY DIGGER FINDS ANCIENT COIN STASH...Metal detecting uk Moreharri
1 years back
What a result............. [email protected] Patreon:
Metal Detecting: Best Bits: Rings: Gold Nuggets: & Treasure. Goldfinders
2 years back
Goldfinders Metal Detecting Best Bits: Rings: Gold Nuggets & Treasure is a collection of some of recent highlights caught on camera on the Beaches and ...
Metal Detecting Iowa - My Best Hunt Ever! BeamDigger
3 years back
Got out recently and had the hunt of my life. I'd like to think I've got skills, but this place was loaded with old coins. What ensued was the hunt of a lifetime!
Best Metal Detecting Finds Of 2018 Relic Hunting Florida
5 months back
This is my end of the year metal detecting finds from 2018. I show all of my best finds over the past year from detecting. To buy RHF merch email me at ...
Top 10 metal detecting treasure finds. Chill Bill
3 years back
So here are my top ten finds in treasure hunts over the last few years. Take a close up look and here some history behind the artifacts and coins I've uncovered ...
New Permission Metal Detecting: Long Day And Good Finds Aquachigger
4 weeks back
This is part two of my first day metal detecting a new permission in North Carolina. It was a super long day and I had a blast metal detecting and exploring the old ...
Metal Detecting Finds Awesome Cross Century Silver Coins & Old Artifacts The Hoover Boys
3 weeks back
Our good friend Chris (the 44 guy) came to town for a few days of fun. The first 2 days were a bit slow. The last day we met up with our friends Paul and Charlie.
WE'LL NEVER TOP THIS DAY - Metal Detecting Civil War GUN & SILVER SPILL Zach Byrd Adventure Hour
4 months back
A gun ( burnside carbine ). A civil war coin spill. Pounds of bullets. Holy cow folks! BEST DAY EVER! This is the third video in The Chasing Sherman series.
2 years back
This is definitely one of my best finds in nearly 6 years of metal detecting. A real gold coin! Stay tuned and let's see what else I can knock of my bucket list. :)
Metal Detecting Finds 2019 | I'm Shocked! Adventures In Dirt
4 months back
The hobby of metal detecting finds 2019 starting off with a bang. Many different metal detecting YouTube channels are already discovering some great buried ...
BEST HUNT OF 2019 WERE ON FIRE 🔥...Metal detecting uk iDetect
3 months back
Taking the fields by storm oooooosh.... Contact me: [email protected] Patreon: Equipment used: Metal detector: ...