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Taser X26C unboxing Heyitsfionn
2 years back
Well me and Ibethenickster are starting a new endeavor ya will be watching us and our adventures in that area soon to come.
770th MP Co Taser training, second video Natanael Anglada
4 years back
770th Oct ID 2015, Taser training.
Army Military Police vs TASER AiirSource Military
6 years back
Military Police from 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team go through a two day course on the uses of Electronic Control Devices (ECD), commonly referred to as ...
West Midlands Police - Taser officers to double over the next 18 months BhamUrbanNewsUK
2 years back
This piece first broadcast on 7 Aug 2017. Televised on UK's regional television ITV Central. Programme (Program) - ITV News Central.
I Got Promoted And They Gave Me A Taser locus
4 months back
I Got Promoted And They Gave Me A Taser!!! FREE ROBUX! Locus Vlogs (Second channel) ...
Taser X3 hands-on | Engadget Engadget
10 years back
Subscribe To Engadget Today: Watch The Latest Engadget Video Here: **** More Below **** Engadget checks out the ...
Above and Beyond: New X2 Taser and Axon connected ecosystem Police Federation of England and Wales HQ
2 years back
How will artificial intelligence be used by police forces, and how will it deliver greater efficiencies in public safety? Axon, the global leader in connected law ...
HOW TO MAKE a EXTREMELY POWERFUL TASER (Stun Gun) 800.000V | Tutorial romanursuhack
3 years back
Police taser wayward cow The Boston Globe
8 years back
(Boston Globe) Police corralled a runaway cow in Pelham, N.H., last weekend by jolting it with a Taser gun. Video by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff.
What does a Taser feel like? I was Tazed with X26 Taser. Mission Survivor
6 years back
Hello everyone- yes, I took a full 5 second hit from an X26 Taser recently and lived to tell about it. This was for personal experience. Additionally ...
TTPS Instructors Receive Formal Training in Use of Tasers TTPoliceService
4 months back
Nineteen instructors from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Police Academy and six from the Guard and Emergency Branch, have received formal ...
Who Invented the Taser? Today I Found Out
2 months back
Check my other channel Highlight History: If you happen to like our videos and have a few ...
Knifeman Tasered At Buckingham Palace Windsor Star
6 years back
Police taser a man who was holding a knife blade during 'Changing of Guard' at Buckingham Palace in London, England.
HIDE AND SEEK WITH STUN GUN V2 (if found, get shocked) Funk Bros
1 years back
MERCH: NOTHING is stronger than family, we got your back! We brought it back! Hide and seek with a stun gun, taser or tazer. If found ...
Academy 84 Nevada DPS Taser Training Nevada DPS
3 months back
The Cadets of Academy 84 with the Nevada Department of Public Safety go through taser training. Find out more about a career with the Nevada DPS at ...
Police Taser Demo KomradRazvan
11 years back
Me getting tased by a police taser as part of the "Tools of the Trade" law enforcement seminar at PCC Cascade Campus on March 6th, 2008.
Police Taser Goat 13 TIMES !!!! (Full version) slippery mud
12 months back
New Zealand Police Taser a goat of all things 13 times because they were terrified of grabbing it by the horns.
Flashlight Taser Review MrCaryGrant59
5 years back
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100 additional police officers to trained and equipped with Tasers Northants Police
2 years back
AN additional 100 Northamptonshire Police officers will be trained and equipped with Taser this year. Following the latest review, the Force – along with regional ...
Dorset Police taser practice WessexFM
2 years back
Officers demonstrate a scenario in which a taser is used.
Albuquerque Police Department APD Academy Class 110 Week 8 Taser Fire And Police Videos
6 years back
The Albuquerque Police Department cadets class 110 endures the taser during week 8 of the APD Training Academy.
TASER X26 Review! The Time Has Come! Jay The Security Guy
6 months back
Rambling about the x26. Features. Tips and such.
Police Taser spokesperson Munkee1865
12 years back
Idiot breaking the law got what he deserved!
TASER Smart Weapons Reload Speed Comparison Original HD Axon
2 years back
The TASER X2 Smart Weapon has a built-in second back-up shot capability. In the event of a missed probe or a clothing disconnect on the first deployment, the ...
Taser X2 Demonstration Sam Bellis
1 years back
Authorised Firearms Officers from Guernsey Police gave the media a demonstration of their new Taser devices.
taser red gun and duty belt cop boy
4 years back
comments disabled sorry :( red taser gun and duty belt follow my Instagram account Instagram account: @cop_boy_.
Taser Training Garland Police Department
4 months back
Garland Police Academy Class 64 - New recruits train in the use and effects of TASER. #AlwaysTraining #MakeYourMarkGarland. Taser X26 Training Video iZapMen
9 years back
Protect yourself with the a police grade self defense product from Taser®. The X26 and X26C are strong enough to take down any attacker and allow your to ...
Police Use Taser In Attempt To Corral Cow WMUR-TV
8 years back
When Houdini the cow made a run for it over the weekend, she probably never thought she would end up at the center of a controversy.
h3h3 and the 87 year old woman who was tased Donut Operator
11 months back
Just wanted to talk a little bit about he incident in GA involving the Chatsworth police department and an 87 year old woman who was tased. Ethan's video: ...
4 years back
HORARIO DE ATENCIÓN De Lunes a Sábado de 9:00 am a 6:00 pm PBX: 237 2335 CEL. 3125286943 - 321311 2973 - 3174287677 CENTRO COMERCIAL ...
RAW: Sarasota Police demonstrate new X2 Tasers Sarasota Herald-Tribune
6 years back
A volunteer from the media is shocked with the stun weapon.
West Palm Beach police get new Tasers WPBF 25 News
3 months back
West Palm Beach police are being issued new Tasers by the department. Subscribe to WPBF on YouTube now for more: Get more West ...
USING THE RIOT SHIELD TO BLOCK POLICE TASERS!! (Roblox Jailbreak MythBusters) Hyper - Roblox
2 years back
today we use a riot shield (swat shield) to block the police taser in roblox jailbreak! leave a LIKE if you love roblox!! Subscribe for more Roblox: ...
8 years back
Just a video on how to use all the functions and Whatnot on an X26c taser.
Police Taser Training - Look how fast he gets up (skip to 3:20) sj702
12 years back
Officer is Tased by company Rep. See how fast he gets up? Lots of talking up until 3:20.... if you want to skip to funny part.
Media Members Get Tased - Riley County Police Department 2014 Taser Media Day Jeremy Roberts
5 years back
Members of the media get tased by RCPD officers in demonstrations of their new Taser units. Demonstrations were done by taping the wires to the individuals, ...
Bryant Police Department TASER Training jdl173
8 years back
Sgt. Long being tased. Ouch.
New Zealand Police College 5: Defensive Tactics! New Zealand Police
1 years back
As the recruits finish their last exam, they head into the next stage of College: Defensive Tactics. Taser operating, Scenarios, and Combat skills - Laura, Sam, ...
Police can use drones to taser people in North Dakota b/60
4 years back
North Dakota is the first state in the U.S. to allow police departments to use weaponized drones. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) explains. Subscribe to ...
USAF Taser Certification Course – Airmen & Airwomen ZAPPED! AiirSource Military
6 years back
USAF McConnell's 22nd Security Forces Squadron held a Taser Certification course to train and educate security forces airmen on the proper use of a stun gun.
All Holden police to carry tasers The Landmark
2 years back
All on duty officers at the Holden Police Department are now carrying tasers. For the past three years, the department has been working to provide its staff with ...
Person Tased by Police After Jumping Fence Blocking Washington Monument 2/4/19 Cam Hasbrouck
5 months back
A person is tased in a struggle with police after jumping a fence blocking the Washington Monument on 2/4/19.
Cleveland police officer shocks non-confrontational man with Taser in Ohio City
4 years back
A Cleveland police officer shocks Rafael Correa with a Taser after he complies with orders to raise his hands and drop to his knees on Detroit Avenue near West ...