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I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you want to see ...
G-G-GOLD! - Metal Detecting a 200 Year Old House Finds the Ultimate Prize! Quarter Hoarder
3 months back
Okay, the thumbnail is a little over the top but when you've been metal detecting as many old houses as we do I'll tell you that gold is really REALLY hard to find.
Metal Detecting Clearwater Beach w/Relic Recoverist She Detector
11 months back
Alright guys, in today's video I do some metal detecting at Clearwater Beach with Relic Recoverist and the guys from Garrett! They all came down to Florida and ...
2 days back
What An Awesome Find ! We Will Be Trying To Hopefully Find The Owner Who Lost It ! Metal Detecting Is So Rewarding Even If You Are Just Doing It For Fun ...
Metal Detecting the Lake Sandbar! | Nugget Noggin nuggetnoggin
3 years back
I had a wonderful day out on the lake. I paddled several miles and visited a pretty popular sandbar, where lots of people hang out. July 4th recently pasted and I ...
Farm Girl finds 1944 penny metal detecting on the beach using Garrett ACE! Banshee Moon
6 months back
Metal detecting on the beach with Farm Girl. She found a 1944 penny and had no idea that steel 1944 pennies and copper 1943 coins of this denomination can ...
Found treasure chest while metal detecting! Metaldetecting in The Netherlands
4 years back
While metal detecting in the woods i found this treasure chest hidden in the ground.
I Found a Gold Ring Deep Underwater while Metal Detecting (Returned to Owner) Man + River
4 weeks back
Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring. Go to to get your first Starter Set for $5. After that, the restock box ...
Metal Detecting Germany: AMAZING MEDIEVAL GOLD!! TerraGermania
3 years back
Finally I've found old gold!! Don't miss this episode!! Music By: NotaBene / Contact:
Quest 4 Treasure # 95 GOLD COIN FOUND !!!! Find Of A Life time !! By: Quest For Details Quest for Details
1 years back
Back AT it metal detecting, out with the family and there in the soil less than two miles from my house..... A GOLD COIN !!! a true treasure from the past laying ...
I Found $10,000 ROLEX & RINGS Underwater Metal Detecting (WORLDS MOST POPULAR BEACH) Michael Oliver
3 months back
G,Day Guys NEW? SUBSCRIBE❤ Today I take you all diving for lost treasure and we recover a lost Rolex And return it to the Owner leave a thumbs up if ...
Metal Detecting Beach & Ocean! HUGE GOLD RING / Nokta Makro PulseDive GoAndGarrett
1 weeks back
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Best metal detecting hunt of my life!! The Silver Fiend
6 years back
Starting the year off with the best metal detecting hunt of my life. Marathon hunting session gives up a dozen silvers with a dime tri-fecta and a Morgan dollar!
Found Silver Dollar and Huge Bell While Metal Detecting Old House Site! nuggetnoggin
1 months back
In this video I go out metal detecting for lost treasures at an old house site! Subscribe if you want to watch more treasure hunting videos like this!
Beach Metal Detecting IDD 64 First Hunt for 2019 I Dig Daytona
6 months back
Detected two beaches today. Beaches still sanded in. Temp was in the mid 80s with small surf. Surf temp 67 . Nice day to be outside.
Metal Detecting an Old Farm - Found Huge Silver and lots of coins! | Nugget Noggin nuggetnoggin
2 years back
I recently had the privilege to go metal detecting on a farm that dates back to the late 1800's. On this adventure, I searched around the yard of the farm house and ...
GOLD NUGGET Hunting - Australia - METAL DETECTING GPZ 7000 Minelab J Gold
3 years back
Welcome back to another gold hunting video in Victoria's Golden Triangle. I hope you watching the vid as much as like making them. Enjoy. Subscribe for more ...
Scuba Diving One of Hawaii's Most Dangerous Cliff Side for Sunken Treasure! (Spitting Caves) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I explore Hawaii's Spitting Cave underwater for lost valuables! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this!
Metal Detecting Finds Incredible Civil War Camp! You Won't Believe This!! Depths of History
4 days back
On this episode of Depths of History, Britain travels to a Civil War site with his friend Jay in hopes of discovering Civil War relics! What they ended up finding was ...
Finding SILVER Coins Everywhere! INSANE! Metal Detecting in (2019) 🤑 Mental Metal
6 months back
Finding Silver Coins Everywhere is definitely one of the best metal detecting videos you will see in 2019 IMO! It also contains some of the best metal detecting ...
Metal Detecting Underwater for Buried Treasure While Scuba Diving! (Found Money & Diamonds) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I metal detect underwater for lost jewelry and money! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you ...
Metal Detecting Tips: Pinpointing Pondguru
8 years back
Video explaining the importance of pinpointing a target. This will reduce the likelyhood of ruining a valuable coin by scratching with the spade and speed up ...
Did I Just Find A Lost Revolutionary War Treasure Metal Detecting?! Green Mountain Metal Detecting
9 months back
Guided by a story of lost treasure, I explore the mountains and may have possibly found it! Tshirts, stickers & more: Original music by Brad ...
Metal Detecting: Should I Keep Making These Videos? JD's Variety Channel
1 months back
I did some metal detecting at 3 different schools. Here's what I found! But the question is, should I keep making videos like these or stop?
Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect Dude Perfect
1 months back
WE STRUCK GOLD... literally. ▻ Want an EXTRA Dude Perfect Video every week? Join the DP SQUAD! ...
Metal Detecting Beach And Ocean / MORE UNDERWATER TREASURE! GoAndGarrett
2 days back
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WHOA! Metal Detecting A Waterfall For Abandoned Treasure! The River Outlet Gives Underwater Surprise JD's Variety Channel
12 months back
I went metal detecting in a stream/waterfall that outlets into a major river near me. Searching underwater, I found unexpected old relics and coins that have been ...
Metal Detecting | Silver Coins | 22 Coin Spill! Dig That Beep
1 weeks back
Mike and I get back to metal detecting and go to some familiar side walks. Our next stop is an old yard that sits next to the wall where Mike found his first seated ...
First Time Metal Detecting for Treasure LunkersTV
1 years back
Jacked that I finally got a metal detector. Meetup location is outside the convention center. It should be easy to find it. Only place with people outside.
Metal Detecting: I've Made My Decision JD's Variety Channel
1 months back
I've made my decision about the metal detecting videos based on the response to my previous upload. BIG thank-you to everyone. :) You can watch the previous ...
Metal Detecting After Hurricane Irma She Detector
2 years back
This is a short hunt I did with my Excal II after hurricane Irma came through Tampa, FL. Beautiful day for sure! Enjoy! Gear *Excalibur II - ...
Metal Detecting In The River for Treasure Aquachigger
2 years back
Join me as I metal detect and search for treasure in the river. I find a nice Confederate artillery shell and other really cool artifacts. Metal detecting in the river is ...
Beach Metal Detecting 2018 BEST BEACH FINDS!! NH beach metaldetecting
8 months back
metal detecting new Hampshire and Maine ocean beaches with metal detectors finding lost gold and silver rings and coins 2018 year end wrap up beach metal ...
minelab equinox metal detecting permission 2019. metal detecting uk 2019 Historical Magpie
6 months back
today i went to my new metal detecting permission. i spent a couple of hours testing small area's to see what i could find. the weather was against me due to rain ...
Metal Detecting with NEW Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector! | JD's Variety Channel 2016 JD's Variety Channel
3 years back
I took my new Garrett Ace 400 metal detector our for a spin at a local park. I found some coins and other items. I'll try to do a review video once I have more time ...
Treasure on the Beach! Metal detecting the Bahamas. Gerrys Detectors
6 years back
Early this year Gerry brought a group down to the Bahamas for a epic metal detecting hunt. Seven days of beach hunting and we found an impressive amount of ...
Metal Detecting in a Natural Spring | Nugget Noggin nuggetnoggin
11 months back
On this adventure I check out a Natural spring with my friend Michael aka Preacher Digger. The spring has been used as a swimming hole for over 100 years ...
Metal Detecting California Gold Rush Mining Camps!!! Garrett AT Max Blazing Shovels Metal Detecting
1 years back
In this episode I head out to metal detect some amazing old California gold rush mining camps and am in for a huge surprise on what I find next to the creek!
Actual American Treasure FOUND Metal Detecting an Old House! Seated Silver Coins Galore! Epic Hunt Down South Detecting
10 months back
I can't even begin to describe how incredible this hunt was. This is hands down the best yard I've ever detected in my life! Thanks for watching and enjoy!
Expensive Ocean Treasure Rarer then GOLD Found Underwater Metal Detecting Michael Oliver
7 months back
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Metal Detecting With Otis The Dog! | Nugget Noggin nuggetnoggin
1 years back
I have been on the road a lot lately. So that's why the videos are few and far between. On this adventure, I go metal detecting an old farm house. The property ...
Colonial history found in New Hampshire - Metal detecting Not Thursday
4 months back
Colonial history found in NH researching, hiking & metal detecting. The official Stealth Diggers Not Thursday website From there you can ...
Metal Detecting YouTube Videos | Rare 1st Century Danubian Horsemen Cult Plate Adventures In Dirt
5 months back
Metal Detecting YouTube Videos of rare Roman treasure found and an ancient first century Danubian Horsemen Cult plate are among some of the epic finds ...
Top 10 WORST Metal Detecting Finds JD's Variety Channel
2 years back
Top 10 list of my worst metal detecting finds. Is it trash or treasure? You decide. My massive library of YouTube videos is now compiled into the playlist below!
Metal Detecting a 100 Year Old Swimming Hole Full Of Old Gold hiluxyota
2 years back
Met up with Dan to check out a new site he had researched. We were only there for 3 hours and I managed to find 5 old gold rings, old coins , and other time ...
Treasure hunting Chill Bill's Metal Detecting, Mudlarking Channel trailer Chill Bill
3 years back
Here are treasure hunting highlights from some of my metal detecting videos as a trailer for my channel. Included are excerpts including the secret castle ...
Top 5 CREEPIEST metal detecting discoveries which will freek you out The Man With The Hat
1 weeks back
PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED. Metal detecting creepiest discoveries, the's the top five. Have you ever found something really creepy? Let me know ...