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Beach Metal Detecting Gold Found 14K robert ferguson
13 hours back
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I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you want to see ...
Mouth- Watering Discoveries! Metal Detecting Germany Nr.145 TerraGermania
20 hours back
This detecting day started with a treasure that made my mouth water. Music: NotaBene Contact: Metal Detector: XP Deus V5.2.
2 days back
What An Awesome Find ! We Will Be Trying To Hopefully Find The Owner Who Lost It ! Metal Detecting Is So Rewarding Even If You Are Just Doing It For Fun ...
Master Of The Underground - Metal Detecting With A Special Guest And A Famous Find MetalDetecting24
14 hours back
I would like to present a special adventure to you. Why is it special? Because of the small guest at the end of the video - the master of the underground.
OMG! Battleship Found While Metal Detecting West Country Clegg
10 hours back
I'm Cleggy, and I love to get outdoors and discover awesome relics with my CTX & GPX 5000 metal detectors. Join me on my Adventures to dig up and save ...
Found GOLD & SILVER Metal Detecting Down By The River!! The Hoover Boys
3 days back
First water hunt of 2019!! Treasure Hunting an old landing site on the river. We found an incredible variety of Old Silver Coins, Gold Jewelry, 1700's Coins, Civil ...
Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect Dude Perfect
1 months back
WE STRUCK GOLD... literally. ▻ Want an EXTRA Dude Perfect Video every week? Join the DP SQUAD! ...
Metal Detecting Underwater for Buried Treasure While Scuba Diving! (Found Money & Diamonds) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I metal detect underwater for lost jewelry and money! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this! If you ...
Beach Metal Detecting IDD 98 Fisher CZ 21 vs Minelab Equinox I Dig Daytona
18 hours back
We hit the beach with the Fisher CZ 21 mounted on the Anderson carbon fiber shaft. Then we compare the Fisher CZ 21 to the Minelab Equinox 600. Contact ...
Metal Detecting Two Sides Of A Road With Double Luck! MetalDetecting24
6 days back
I was on my way to a location, when something told me to stop and investigate a place next to the road. I had a good feeling about it and went right to the "best" ...
Top 10 Metal Detecting Finds! Gold & Silver Rings! & So Much More! HalfDolla' MakeYouHolla'
10 months back
My best metal detecting finds all in 1 video! Gold, Silver, jewelry and more!
I found some old coins where the mansion was metal detecting Not Thursday
5 days back
A mansion burned down here over 50 years ago & I'm going to metal detect it. The official Not Thursday & Stealth Diggers website From ...
My best finds from my first year metal detecting I DIG HISTORY
3 years back
It has been a wonderful journey this first year. Here is what I found. Thanks for coming along!
I Found $10,000 ROLEX & RINGS Underwater Metal Detecting (WORLDS MOST POPULAR BEACH) Michael Oliver
3 months back
G,Day Guys NEW? SUBSCRIBE❤ Today I take you all diving for lost treasure and we recover a lost Rolex And return it to the Owner leave a thumbs up if ...
Metal Detecting Tourist Beach For Lost Gold! Beach Pirate
7 days back
What lurks beneath our feet when we are out in the water. I use my metal detector to find out what tourists lose while they are swimming.
I Found a Gold Ring Deep Underwater while Metal Detecting (Returned to Owner) Man + River
4 weeks back
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Unearthing Treasures Lost by the Icemen Green Mountain Metal Detecting
24 hours back
On this trip into the mountains I use my metal detector to find what may have been lost centuries ago from a bygone profession. Shirts, Stickers, Music & More: ...
Metal Detecting an Old 1800's Homestead. Will There Be TREASURE? Guildbrook Farm - Off Grid Living
3 weeks back
After our zipline installation we found a lot of old stuff at this 200 year old homestead site in the Appalachian foothills. So we decided to go back with the metal ...
I Went Metal Detecting At The Beach & You Wont Believe What I Found! ($50,000 ROLEX FIND) AhmedMoeTv
1 months back
I Went Metal Detecting At The Beach & You Wont Believe What I Found! ($50000 ROLEX FIND) Business email: [email protected] MERCH: ...
My OLDEST One Ever? Awesome FINDS | Metal Detecting ROAD TRIP 2019 PlugMaster Ford
3 days back
Mike & I took a road trip to Ohio to hook up and hunt with Seth Newkirk for a few days. The metal detecting started slow but, just like the temperatures, it started to ...
Metal Detecting Under Bleachers .......... *Drum Roll* JD's Variety Channel
1 years back
Metal detecting under the bleachers of an old baseball field. What will I find today?
DONT WEAR SHORTS when metal detecting - holiday extra video Digger Dawn
15 hours back
Weather was predicting 30 degrees, so I made the stupid decision to wear shorts on a metal detecting dig, I was slashed, got grass rash and bit by flies!
2 weeks back
METAL DETECTING AFTER JULY 4TH BEACH CELEBRATION! Filming a few scenes for our friends music video and coming the beach for treasures after the ...
Metal Detecting Underneath The Abandoned House | Nugget Noggin nuggetnoggin
6 months back
Abandoned houses can be some of the best places to search for lost valuables and hidden treasure. On this adventure I went exploring underneath an ...
Metal Detecting Finds Incredible Civil War Camp! You Won't Believe This!! Depths of History
4 days back
On this episode of Depths of History, Britain travels to a Civil War site with his friend Jay in hopes of discovering Civil War relics! What they ended up finding was ...
Metal Detecting a Civil War Era Farm - Treasure Hunting Abandoned Barn Outdoor Boys
4 months back
YouTube has disabled comments for all videos on my channel. I did a live stream explaining the situation and comments are working on the livestream for some ...
Metal Detecting Fields And Forests! Aquachigger
2 months back
Metal detecting fields and forests is the name of the game on this day of searching with my metal detector for coins, relics and other treasure. I detect a corn field ...
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Metal Detecting Finds CRAZY Old LOST Treasures The Hoover Boys
2 weeks back
Metal Detecting in England day 8. TJ had the lucky swing! From start to finish. Medieval Silver and Roman Silver Coins that dates back 2000 years! Fun filled day ...
Metal Detecting a Route of George Washington’s Army Green Mountain Metal Detecting
2 weeks back
Armed with new information, I return to a place I've been in the past with a new strategy to find what historical artifacts may be hidden beneath our feet. Shirts ...
I Found LOST TREASURE While Metal Detecting At The BEACH! ($10,000 TREASURE FIND!) Scrubzah
1 months back
In this video I went METAL DETECTING at the beach & I found TREASURE. Use Code "ScrubzPlayz" on Fortnite to Support a Creator! BUSINESS ...
Metal Detecting – Gold Coin Glory Hole DetectorComparisons
2 months back
After 46 years of detecting, this is the first time I've witnessed a gold coin pocket spill…
Beach Metal Detecting 4th Qf July Morning GOLD robert ferguson
2 weeks back
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I Found a Real POISON Ring While Metal Detecting Underwater!! (whats inside?)| Jiggin' With Jordan Jiggin' With Jordan
1 weeks back
I dive down into a beautiful spring and found a few GOLD and SILVER rings while metal detecting! One of those rings was a Poison Ring! New? Subscribe here!!
Crazy Discovery Made While Metal Detecting and Exploring The River! nuggetnoggin
1 months back
I went metal detecting in the river in search for lost rings and valuables. During my river exploration I made a very crazy and creepy discovery not far from the ...
What Can I Find While Underwater Metal Detecting? (Scuba Diving) Man + River
1 months back
What Can I Find While Underwater Metal Detecting? (Scuba Diving) During this scuba dive for lost treasure, I found some interesting things including sunglasses ...
Scuba Diving the Devil's Den Prehistoric Spring for Lost Valuables! (Metal Detecting Underwater) DALLMYD
3 months back
In this video I scuba dive and explore the Devil's Den located in Florida for lost valuables! Subscribe if you want to watch more scuba diving videos like this!
Beach Treasure - Found 2 Rings and a Dragon Beach Metal Detecting Beach Pirate
4 weeks back
Searching for treasure metal detecting underwater at a local tourist beach in Vietnam.
MEDIEVAL DOUBLE GOLD!! Metal Detecting finally pays off! True Vikings
4 days back
Can you believe your eyes? Because the True Vikings can't! We are metal detecting around a Medieval Church in Denmark and Emil finds his SECOND GOLD ...
CRAZY DEEP 2,000 Year Old Treasures Discovered Metal Detecting UK The Hoover Boys
3 weeks back
Metal Detecting in England day 7. We went to a site they call Roman Field. It lived up to its name! We found Crazy Deep Silver Coins, Medieval Relics, and ...
Christmas in July! - Metal Detecting XMAS Tree Farm for Sacks Full of Old Coins & Treasure Quarter Hoarder
4 days back
This property was just an amazing place to Metal Detect. The Colonial home was built before 1820 and the immense yard was later converted to a Christmas ...
Expensive Ocean Treasure Rarer then GOLD Found Underwater Metal Detecting Michael Oliver
7 months back
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Metal Detecting Finds SILVER SPILL at an Old House! Door Knocking for Old Coins! Down South Detecting
4 days back
Here are a couple of recent door knocking hunts in Kansas with some good friends. We found a few old coins and I even dug a silver spill! Thanks for watching!
G-G-GOLD! - Metal Detecting a 200 Year Old House Finds the Ultimate Prize! Quarter Hoarder
3 months back
Okay, the thumbnail is a little over the top but when you've been metal detecting as many old houses as we do I'll tell you that gold is really REALLY hard to find.
Metal Detecting River Treasure And Beach GOLD hiluxyota
2 weeks back
Hit a local river swimming site from the early 1900's and found a Neat relic , then hit a local beach for the first time this year and found some lost beach Gold ..
Shifting Gears! - Metal Detecting an Old House Permission with a Detector You Never Heard of! Quarter Hoarder
2 weeks back
After years of using the same machine you can't help but learn every small setting and subtle nuance it has. Whether you're going from a PC to a MAC, ...
Took my Girlfriend Metal Detecting, Found 200 Year-Old COINS and Relics in an Empty Field Naughty Dog Treasures
3 weeks back
Joce and I discovered a 200 year old homesite in the middle of a field using Gaia GPS--a mobile app. After digging out a lot of trash, we began to see some ...