Blake Griffin breaks down health, Pistons’ Game 3 loss to Bucks | 2019 NBA Playoffs


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  • Matt Andrei Silo
    Matt Andrei Silo  3 months back

    Hope they force a Game 7 and win

    • Daze Over
      Daze Over  3 months back

      there were times when ppl feared the griffin :p clippers gave him a few good years

      • John Mack
        John Mack  3 months back

        I expected about ten more wins from Detroit. Either Griffin or Drummond secretly suck or the coach didn’t get anything out of the team. This season was very disappointing for Detroit fans. It looks like the Pistons are doomed to mediocrity for years to come.

        • Rob Smith
          Rob Smith  3 months back

          Pistons need a legit star who can be their “go to” scorer in 4th quarter Ex: Kemba Walker. You can’t win a ring with Blake as a 1st option & Drummond as a 2nd option. Drummond is a good center but he’s not a STAR player

          • HomerTech
            HomerTech  3 months back

            but yeah drummond aint a number two. At least yet

          • HomerTech
            HomerTech  3 months back

            if you think kemba is a number one blake is too

          • Brian Ortiz
            Brian Ortiz  3 months back

            Rob Smith eh, I think you can. You just need good pieces around him like Giannis. Same thing was said about Giannis last year

          • Rob Smith
            Rob Smith  3 months back

            I meant that you can NOT win with Blake as your best player

          • Brian Ortiz
            Brian Ortiz  3 months back

            Rob Smith you can win with Blake but not with this roster lol

        • Moses Jones
          Moses Jones  3 months back

          Blake Griffin = Chris Pratt

          • Randy Saypanya
            Randy Saypanya  3 months back

            Lokey, Blake got on a Milwaukee bucks throwback jacket on 🤣🤣🤣

            • Pistonsfanfromgermany !!!!!!!!

              Mature True Leader.

              • Kenny bolo
                Kenny bolo  3 months back

                Well I thought Casey was smarter than Stan to see Drummond and or Reggie should be traded but noooo they just bring the trade value down

                • HomerTech
                  HomerTech  3 months back

                  @Kenny bolo totally agree but if we trade andre id like to get a Bradley Beal type player. If all we can get is other teams leftovers keep andre. But you've got to give casey a little more time

                • Kenny bolo
                  Kenny bolo  3 months back

                  HomerTech still to not go into the season saying one should be traded is mind boggling ....

                • HomerTech
                  HomerTech  3 months back

                  hard to turn a team around in one year. Already showed improvement by making the playoffs next year if we dont see any then you should be frustrated

              • Ahmad2423
                Ahmad2423  3 months back

                He's getting traded this off-season.

                • Lion Rumble 81
                  Lion Rumble 81  3 months back

                  Blake Looks Pissed! Drummond is the new Dwight Howard Soft As Baby Shit

                  • Brock Krushlucki
                    Brock Krushlucki  3 months back

                    Dudes only got a couple years left of his prime. He needs to demand a trade ASAP and get off this bad team with an overrated coach. He’s one of the most versatile talents at the PF position in the league and he could be a legit 2nd option on a superstar team. Blake to Lakers???

                    • TheRealBandito
                      TheRealBandito  3 months back

                      That could work, but the Lakers don’t need another guy that gets injured all the time.

                    • HomerTech
                      HomerTech  3 months back

                      tell me why a lakers team with no coach and a worse record that didnt make the playoffs is better?

                  • NV_1790
                    NV_1790  3 months back

                    free Blake!

                    • ZombieZifiction
                      ZombieZifiction  3 months back

                      andre drummond's a bitch. straight up no effort.

                      • Tom s
                        Tom s  3 months back

                        Glake griffin played some tough d on giannis

                        • DES JAMES
                          DES JAMES  3 months back

                          Come to the Phoenix Suns

                          • NV_1790
                            NV_1790  3 months back

                            great 4/20 comment lol

                          • Bryan Vaughn
                            Bryan Vaughn  3 months back

                            No no no ... Bloted contract

                        • Mickey G
                          Mickey G  3 months back

                          Bro I feel bad for Blake, this dude need to come to Cleveland with Zion and Sexton

                          • HomerTech
                            HomerTech  3 months back

                            because the nba (sad as it is) would not let the cavs get number one with the knicks there too. BTW id rather the cavs than the knicks

                          • Mickey G
                            Mickey G  3 months back

                            TheRealBandito how do you know? They have one of the 3 highest chances to get the 1st pick so they have the same odds as the Knicks. So there’s no reason they shouldn’t either get barrett or Zion

                          • TheRealBandito
                            TheRealBandito  3 months back

                            Zion is not coming to Cleveland lmao

                        • Afro Sage
                          Afro Sage  3 months back

                          His talent is being wasted in Detroit. Come to CLE were making moves for next season.

                          • TheRealBandito
                            TheRealBandito  3 months back

                            But Love is still there, no?

                          • Tejas Johal
                            Tejas Johal  3 months back

                            Afro Sage the team is worse them Detroit

                        • Yeezy Dude
                          Yeezy Dude  3 months back

                          People feel bad for him he still goes back to his 100 million $ contract lool

                          • TheRealBandito
                            TheRealBandito  3 months back

                            He probably uses the Benjamin to dry his tears

                          • E J
                            E J  3 months back

                            I fell bad because off the child support he has to pay

                          • iceman200
                            iceman200  3 months back

                            some of these players actually love playing basketball and want too win the money just comes along with it

                          • Ricardo Aguinaga
                            Ricardo Aguinaga  3 months back

                            Typical hater answer. This man is a baller. He needs help.

                        • Martavious Paul
                          Martavious Paul  3 months back

                          He had absolutely no help tonight🤦🏽‍♂️

                          • Alex
                            Alex  3 months back

                            Blake to okc for Andre Roberson, Patrick Patterson two second rnd picks

                            • Pen Wednesday
                              Pen Wednesday  3 months back

                              Throw in Brook

                            • savage 7ecneek
                              savage 7ecneek  3 months back

                              Blake makes way more than Roberson trade wont work

                            • Eric Arias
                              Eric Arias  3 months back

                              You sound like a knicks fan rn considering they say everyone is goin to their team but as a okc fan😂

                            • Jaskaran Gill
                              Jaskaran Gill  3 months back

                              throw in dennis and ferg

                            • A random NBA fan
                              A random NBA fan  3 months back

                              That won’t work that’s a horrible trade😂

                          • KingMickD
                            KingMickD  3 months back

                            Im glad Blake got to play at leqst. Hope he stays healthy. He had a goos year.

                            • J P
                              J P  3 months back

                              Get this man some help! Also some of these questions are stupid

                              • Justin Peters
                                Justin Peters  3 months back

                                J P Yeah you have great point man I think your right he needs the help ?

                            • ThatDero
                              ThatDero  3 months back

                              This man is injured and carried his team lmao, needs to leave the pistons

                              • Antus Keith
                                Antus Keith  3 months back

                                @OG especially with his child support bill lol

                              • 7 ra
                                7 ra  3 months back

                                piston will RISE MAN chill

                              • signor pops
                                signor pops  3 months back

                                ThatDero sure he gets the most of the money on the team. Nothing left to buy quality players. He has been injured 80% of the time during play offs. He needs to stay pistons because winning cultures don’t need him.

                              • OG
                                OG  3 months back

                                ThatDero Still has 2 years left, I doubt he’ll reject his $38M player option in 2021.