Jared Dudley Career High 36 pts vs Knicks - Full Highlights


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  • Tyler Nimmo
    Tyler Nimmo  2 weeks back

    the goat

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez  1 months back

      This is a very close game and dudley with the career high and the announcers got the most boring spirit about it

      • Bruce Lee
        Bruce Lee  2 months back

        Dudley > Simmons

        • DUB __
          DUB __  2 months back

          The scuffle brought me here

          • ThecheekiestKFC
            ThecheekiestKFC  2 months back

            Who here to see if this kid is any good

          • Tomas The Train
            Tomas The Train  2 months back

            Ben Simmons punching the air watching this

            • Smad World
              Smad World  2 months back

              Anyone here just to see if there was any highlights of Dudley?

              • Yo Kolbee
                Yo Kolbee  2 months back

                Smad World lmaooooo me bro wtf

              • Average Joe
                Average Joe  2 months back

                lol yea

              • 10,000 subs please 10,000 subs please
              • ClampgodEJ
                ClampgodEJ  2 months back

                Same, I have so much respect for Dudley, he’s a great leader and teammate, as well as a key 3 and D guy for the nets. Nothing more you could ask from a vet, than to set an example for the young guys and to also give you some good minutes off the bench.

              • Yousef Maitah
                Yousef Maitah  2 months back

                Smad World same

            • Steve R
              Steve R  2 months back

              Great game for Dudley

              • harden 13
                harden 13  11 months back

                rockets lineup
                11 man rotation
                first unit
                second unit
                eric gordon
                g green
                carmelo anthony
                ryan anderson
                alternate lineup
                william carter
                isiah harnesten
                zhoui quio

                • harden 13
                  harden 13  11 months back

                  pj tucker first unit

              • harden 13
                harden 13  11 months back

                sign with rockets

                • Derf Dog McGoonie
                  Derf Dog McGoonie  11 months back


                  • Callum James
                    Callum James  1 years back


                    • TDot Toons Gaming
                      TDot Toons Gaming  1 years back

                      The Dudster!!!

                      • Tooka Pack
                        Tooka Pack  1 years back

                        Liangelo ball 1

                        • Ari Sticks
                          Ari Sticks  2 years back

                          high school nigga

                          • mikesci91
                            mikesci91  3 years back

                            that Steve Novak defense

                            • Crazy Luigi
                              Crazy Luigi  3 years back

                              Welcome back home, Jared!

                              • FlamingoBannz
                                FlamingoBannz  3 years back

                                this dude got a heater on 2k....lbs

                                • Austin Casey
                                  Austin Casey  3 years back


                                • Terrence Hall
                                  Terrence Hall  4 years back

                                  Can't wait to see him hit a 3 posted in the corner off a John Wall pass!!

                                  • hubert hughes
                                    hubert hughes  4 years back

                                    Welcome to the Washington Wizards

                                    • harden 13
                                      harden 13  11 months back

                                      rockets lineup
                                      11 man rotation

                                      first unit
                                      pj tucker
                                      second unit
                                      eric gordon
                                      gerald green
                                      carmelo anthony
                                      jared dudley
                                      ryan anderson

                                      alternate line up
                                      william carter
                                      isaiah hartenish
                                      zhou oi

                                  • Fawazz
                                    Fawazz  4 years back

                                    @GamingForLaughs no Steve Nash = almost 40 points gtfo

                                    • Fawazz
                                      Fawazz  4 years back

                                      @GamingForLaughs yeah u r right

                                    • Hash
                                      Hash  4 years back

                                      Haha, Terrence Ross scored 51 points. 

                                      He's not good.

                                      But yeah, can we stop with the argument? Pretty sick of it since neither one of us is going to change our minds, and are being too stubborn.

                                  • rashaan munir
                                    rashaan munir  5 years back

                                    Isnt this the game were jr smith hit one of his two career buzzerbeater with the knicks to win the game

                                    • Alex Amerling
                                      Alex Amerling  6 years back

                                      Worldraven that is a despicable thing to say. You are scum

                                      • LeGette88
                                        LeGette88  6 years back

                                        blake griffin and Dudley have a shitty history.. but Dudley is ganna be a good forward for the line up

                                        • n701204x
                                          n701204x  6 years back

                                          Splitter just resigned with the Spurs on reasonable deal for both sides, hes not going anywhere, A three team deal for Asik sounds better.

                                          • Steven Lopez
                                            Steven Lopez  6 years back

                                            I agree

                                            • $ecret$ociety's$uck
                                              $ecret$ociety's$uck  6 years back

                                              Nah man fuck Al Jefferson. I see why you want him but he's not athletic enough. Anthony Davis is a free agent next year, he can catch lobs and shoot from the outside.

                                              • $ecret$ociety's$uck
                                                $ecret$ociety's$uck  6 years back

                                                but at the end of the day fuck his agenda. As long as he's knocking down shot i give no fucks.

                                                • $ecret$ociety's$uck
                                                  $ecret$ociety's$uck  6 years back

                                                  .....well damn

                                                  • $ecret$ociety's$uck
                                                    $ecret$ociety's$uck  6 years back

                                                    The fuck are you talking about? Jared dudley is a great edition to LOBCITY. You should go sit down somewhere and count somethin.

                                                    • Jabneel Daet
                                                      Jabneel Daet  6 years back

                                                      Welcome to LOB City

                                                      • Anderson Varejão
                                                        Anderson Varejão  6 years back

                                                        Damn JD GET IT

                                                        • worldraven
                                                          worldraven  6 years back

                                                          I'm really bummed out that this gay agenda pushing sodomite has come to my beloved Clippers team. I hope he severs his ACL in the first game of the season and retires.

                                                          • QB_mark
                                                            QB_mark  6 years back

                                                            Welcome to Clippers !!!!!!! :D

                                                            • Just Love, Man
                                                              Just Love, Man  6 years back


                                                              • dandunk76
                                                                dandunk76  6 years back

                                                                great performance. Novak and the knicks defense looked terrible tho

                                                                • $ecret$ociety's$uck
                                                                  $ecret$ociety's$uck  6 years back

                                                                  No we dont. We need a center or power forward who can shoot from the outside like a chris bosh or lamarcus aldrige. That the pick and roll will have more space when cp3 and blake use it.

                                                                  Youre just thinking about dunks and alley's. Not championships.

                                                                  • Test Footage
                                                                    Test Footage  6 years back

                                                                    Clippers need a TRUE center. Jordan is flashy, but he lacks fundamentals.

                                                                    Blake is great at PF for his age and just needs more time.

                                                                    • Valkryie26
                                                                      Valkryie26  6 years back

                                                                      hell no dwight is was better, coming from a clipper fan if that counts for anything. I dont want howard on clippers tho jus to clear that up if u mightve thought that

                                                                      • Kevin Runey
                                                                        Kevin Runey  6 years back

                                                                        Deandre Jordan is better than dwight

                                                                        • Mads Ejvind Jakobsen
                                                                          Mads Ejvind Jakobsen  6 years back

                                                                          Clippers now!!

                                                                          • Nathyn Bourque
                                                                            Nathyn Bourque  6 years back

                                                                            If you haven't noticed, the audio is off after about 1 minute.

                                                                            • MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp
                                                                              MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp  6 years back

                                                                              Hello Carlton Banks

                                                                              • Belarion A.D.
                                                                                Belarion A.D.  6 years back

                                                                                welcome to NYK away games.

                                                                                I'm pissed knicks didn't make the trade happen for Dudley. He's an underrated player and would fit well on their team.

                                                                                • aldeine5
                                                                                  aldeine5  6 years back

                                                                                  what an awful home crowd

                                                                                  • Nathyn Bourque
                                                                                    Nathyn Bourque  6 years back

                                                                                    Audio is off A LOT