Joel Embiid's Best Plays From The 2018-19 Season


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  • Lavarzo Ball ZO2
    Lavarzo Ball ZO2  2 months back

    Best player from the southern hemisphere

    • Lilc Shenk
      Lilc Shenk  2 months back

      Joel is the best center in the league

      • Preston Marks
        Preston Marks  3 months back

        I got Sixers in 5.

        • AsianFaceBeats Show
          AsianFaceBeats Show  3 months back

          Giannis would’ve blocked it all 😂

          • Bit Ray
            Bit Ray  3 months back

            Cool 🏖🏖🍹🍍💰👍

            • Lanre Akerele
              Lanre Akerele  3 months back

              Joel Embiid is a legend. One day, I wanna him to start rivlary with Giannis and the Bucks team as the Sixers player, by being the next Warriors and Cavaliers

              • Jj Louis
                Jj Louis  44 minutes back

                Lanre Akerele they lowkey already have beef tho

            • RhodneyV
              RhodneyV  3 months back

              The Next Lesbian

            • B end
              B end  3 months back

              Best center of the world

              • oyasman
                oyasman  3 months back

                Sixers in 5

                • Nicholas Rush
                  Nicholas Rush  3 months back

                  Best center in the league.

                  • ZoSo Bor
                    ZoSo Bor  3 months back

                    Embiid, KAT, and AD are changing the game

                    • Jordan B
                      Jordan B  2 months back

                      KAT ain't do shit 😂🤣

                    • Ryland McGinley
                      Ryland McGinley  2 months back

                      @ZoSo Bor ok now I see what you mean, but I full on agree

                    • ZoSo Bor
                      ZoSo Bor  2 months back

                      @Ryland McGinley All I'm saying is that their style of play is changing the game. These are seven foot dudes that dominate the post and shoot threes as well as anyone else in the league. They're like something you'd create in 2k

                    • Mowglie
                      Mowglie  3 months back

                      @Ryland McGinley Exactly. He's on a different level.

                    • Ryland McGinley
                      Ryland McGinley  3 months back

                      My man, you can't even compare Davis and KAT to Embiid.

                  • Odin Liu
                    Odin Liu  3 months back

                    Best big in the league

                    • kristian
                      kristian  3 months back

                      Best big from the past century

                  • Giga 13
                    Giga 13  3 months back

                    This channel needs way more subs